aside Today… we’d be in Mexico (II)

We continue our journey through Mexican territory, today we go to wonderful beaches, starting Riviera Maya.


Just 68 km. about Cancun is located the famous Riviera Maya, which has become the quintessential luxurious part of the area. Playa del Carmen has evolved into the heart of Riviera Maya.

Acapulco is one of the essential destinations in Mexico. The image of the Quebrada, where divers throw themselves into the sea from the heights (vertigo, by the way) has been around the world many times. The city is synonymous with shops, bars, restaurants, discos and beaches.

In Puerto Vallarta you will find nature, from mountains, through jungles, beaches, rivers and waterfalls, a destination dedicated to ecotourism, while traditional and modern in equal measure, as it maintains its traditional Mexican roots. And at night, the atmosphere will draw you into the wee hours, in short, a very complete destination.

Enjoy It!


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