aside Today… we’d be in Mexico (I)

In today’s post we are going to provide a list of places that will be of interest to you on your next visit to the Aztec country.


We begin by Mexico City, the most populated city in the world has a huge historic grandeur of his birth the great Aztec Civilization, converted with the passing of the years in the colonial capital.

The city is situated on the bed of Lago Texcoco and is surrounded by mountains, Cortes called ‘wonderful’. Known as Tenochtitlán, the Aztec capital was built on an island surrounded by a lake. In the sixteenth century, the city was the center of a powerful military and commercial center, with many temples, palaces and markets. Today, visitors can find a very well preserved, of an ancient and full of mysteries culture, modern Azteca while offering remains city.

Cuernavaca, known as the city of eternal spring, is a beautiful city where Mexican rest and make cultural visits. For lovers of natural sites we recommend (and almost force them) to visit the Salto de San Antón, a stunning waterfall 40 meters free fall.

One of the most impressive port cities of the Mexican coast, accurate, Veracruz, with the Fortaleza de San Juan de Ulua, the Baluarte de Santiago, the Foro Carranza and its historic center will leave you surprised.

Guadalajara, which stands superbly on Valle de Atemajac represents the purely Mexican essence, in the same place and already 500 years ago, most rooted traditions coexist with modern and open trace of this cosmopolitan city.

Enjoy It!


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